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Linda Cobb is a garden writer and certified Master Gardener who lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She is the author of My Gardener's Guide: Easy Steps to a Better Garden.

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Our Garden in the Winter

Don't let the cooler weather keep you from surrounding yourself with greenery.

As winter approaches, the garden is going into its rest period.  Remember to add fresh birdseed to all of the birdfeeders scattered around.  Keep the water in the birdbaths clean and fresh.  Bird will not use or nest in a dirty place.  It is nice to remember to put out little “gifts” for the birds during this holiday season such as seeded bird houses that are edible by the birds.  In addition you can hang bird seeded balls in the trees in the garden also.  This will invite the birds into your garden.  Log onto and take a look at the edible birdfeeder “make it yourself” kit that they have for $ 16.95.  What fun you can have making your own feeder and then sticking birdseed all over it.  Also check out their birdseed bird houses.

Down at Carolina Garden World, I was thrilled to see that they have some boxwood wreaths along with boxwood garlands.  Tie on a handmade bow and you are ready to go!  Lynn also recommended that we try the compacta holly that is in a tree form and put them in pots on the front porch.  If you are sticking with the dwarf Alberta Spruces, here is a little tip.  To avoid getting those dead brown spots in the trees, use a hose to water them and let the water run down the tree, washing off all of those bad red spider mites.  Of course they have live Frazier Furs, and here is the best part.  They deliver!!! Remember to soak your Christmas tree in water for twenty-four hours.  Also mist your greens on the mantle and wreaths on the doors every day to keep them fresh.  They also have some of those fabulous ‘Red Twig’ dogwoods that look so wonderful through out this time of the year.  They literally have really read stems that stand out in the landscape.

I am also a big believer in giving the stick on the window clear birdfeeders with a packet of good birdseed to someone who will learn to watch the nature show that goes on outside our windows every day.  It is better than television! 

If you are still looking for a great gardener gift, search out some of those tiny dwarf conifers that are to be planted in the landscape or in its own conifer trough.  They require very little care, and like to be neglected.  We can do that!

Keep those pansies and violas fed with Peters Special Blossom booster every week.  Your pansies will be the best on the block.  The fall color finally came out this weekend, and wow!  The oranges were the best.  It made me think that another nice gift for the gardeners might be a Japanese maple o.  My favorite one is the ‘Sangu Kaku’ or Coral Bark Japanese maple tree.  It is a stunner right now.

Posted by Linda on Dec 01, 2007

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