Master Gardener Linda Cobb is available for local, in-state, and out-of-state presentations and lectures and is willing to travel to National locations.

Linda with Jim Wilson

My friend, Jim Wilson,and I chat about my book "My Gardener's Guide" at the International Master Gardener Conference in Cincinnatti June 2003.

The following Garden Lecture Programs are available:

Club Presentations (Length: 45 minutes) with discussion and slide presentation

Getting Ready for Spring
Master Gardener Linda Cobb guides you through the process of getting the garden ready to grow for Spring. Learn feeding tips and soil preparation techniques.
A Tour of English Gardens
Come with Master Gardener Linda Cobb as she guides you through England and some of its most famous gardens. Visit the garden capitol of the world, England and its flower shows.

Linda in Cincinnatti

Lecturing at the International Master Gardener Conference in Cincinnatti June 2003.

Annuals and Perennials
Learn about the basics plants of every garden. Find out feeding tips and planting techniques that make a difference.
English Roses and Basic Rose Care
Roses are not too hard to grow! Learn how to have that rose garden and keep those plants blooming and disease free.
Growing Conifers in Your Landscape Learn how to add those twisted blue and yellow conifers to your landscape.

Linda with Felder Rushing

Felder Rushing and Linda Cobb at the International Master Gardener Conference in Cincinnatti, June 2003.

Garden Lecture Programs
(Length: 2 Hours) with discussion and slide presentation
These are one of a kind courses that offer the gardener advanced education, suitable for a garden symposium day.

Gardening with Annuals and Perennials
Learn about the basics of any garden, annuals and perennials, and, at the same time, learn about planting a cutting garden. Taught by Linda Cobb, certified Master Gardener. Linda is a garden writer, columnist, and teaches annuals and perennials to new master gardener classes. Her garden has been featured in 5 national magazines, and she is the former host of WSPA-TV's "Rookie Gardener."
English Cottage Gardening
Learn how to create your own English cottage garden, one of the hottest trends in gardening to day. You will learn what plants to choose and how to plant them. Learn how to create a garaden room, divide garden spaces through the use of walls, and the power of an arbor. Taught by Master Gardener Linda Cobb who has her own English cottage garden with over 300 Austin English roses.
Gardening with the Pro
Master Gardener Linda Cobb shows you how to design your own flowerbeds from beginning to end. Learn about plant groupings and how to whip the garden bed into shape. Find out the secrets to easy rose care, tips on planting them and feeding them. Linda is a garden columnist and has her own garden with over 300 David Austin English roses as the main feature.

To Contact Linda Cobb for information or to schedule these exciting and informative programs, call (864) 574-8493, or email Linda.


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